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Managing Director of Warnwürfel GmbH

The man at the head of Warnwürfel GmbH with a broad range of interests is fascinated by long-distance travels, culture and people. He turned this passion into his profession and brought more than 20 years of experience in IT and telecommunications into his own highly successful human resources company in 2006. Thanks to his network, he met the inventor of the SOS Cube, Michael Anders, in 2010. The two men got on well right from the start and had identical goals and visions with respect to this revolutionary product. Their common understanding was the foundation stone of Warnwürfel GmbH established in May 2013, which will start operations on June 16, 2013..

Warnwürfel GmbH
Schönblickstraße 29
D-86453 Dasing

Phone:+49 8205 962 885 0

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Stefan Merz
Global Werbesysteme GmbH
In der Nauroth 2
D 67158 Ellerstadt

Phone: 0049-6237/4038686
Telefax: 0049-6237/4038688

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The SOS Cube is currently not available in stores, but solely via specialist dealers. 

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